Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cupcakes & Frosting & Birthdays

So my husband's Uncle was celebrating his birthday. So VERY last minute, I whipped together a batch of cupcakes. I opened the pantry door to see what kind of decorating elements I could find. I found just the thing. So, now I had a game plan. I made a very simple boxed cake mix (sad, I know) of milk chocolate cupcakes. I made up a batch of some vanilla buttercream icing. Next, I did something new and exciting. I took out my cheese grater and a bar of Gherideli chocolate. I began making fresh chocolate shavings which I then used to garnish the cupcakes. In addition to the chocolate shavings, I had the cutest accent pieces to stick down in the tops of these mini cakes. Here's what this project turned out looking like:

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