Sunday, October 10, 2010

The BIGGEST accomplishment

So tonight we had our final in class. I was so excited. Our instructions were to bake our cake and have it iced before we brought it to class. So I did just that. I went to Michael's to buy a Mickey Mouse shapped character pan. Picked out the cake mix (did I mention it was chocolate?) and came home and began. I baked the cake and let it cool overnight. Got up first thing that next morning and iced it. I knew that once the decorating began, I was going to use my star decorator tip. Little did I know that it was going to 1)take forever to ice a Mickey Mouse cake using the star tip and 2)it was going to give my hand severe cramps. All of the squeezing over and over again made me feel like I had writers cramp! It was well worth it in the end. I had purchased all of the necessary food colorings to add to my icing. I must say that in the beginning, I was really nervous about the turn out of poor little Mickey, but once completed, I was ecstatic! I loved the final Mickey. Let me know what you think about it:

Needs Improvement

So in class tonight, we learned a couple of basic flowers but I don't think I really got the hang of it. I can't even remember what kind of flowers we made, but I do know that I need to P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E!! :) So we made flowers and we decorated shaggy mum cupcakes. I'm going to provide you with a picture of both. I really need to practice. Here you go:

More cupcakes? Not exactly!

Now that I've taken and completed my Wilton Cake Decorating 101 course, I'd like to share with you all everything that I completed in class. Our first big project was again an iced cake and it was moderately decorated. I made a plain vanilla cake with buttercream filling in between the two layers. Iced completely in buttercream on the outside and then decorated to look like a cupcake on top. Not too shabby in my opinion. Again, here's what my cupcake cake looked like:

Cupcakes & Frosting & Birthdays

So my husband's Uncle was celebrating his birthday. So VERY last minute, I whipped together a batch of cupcakes. I opened the pantry door to see what kind of decorating elements I could find. I found just the thing. So, now I had a game plan. I made a very simple boxed cake mix (sad, I know) of milk chocolate cupcakes. I made up a batch of some vanilla buttercream icing. Next, I did something new and exciting. I took out my cheese grater and a bar of Gherideli chocolate. I began making fresh chocolate shavings which I then used to garnish the cupcakes. In addition to the chocolate shavings, I had the cutest accent pieces to stick down in the tops of these mini cakes. Here's what this project turned out looking like:

Are you ready for some football??

Once I knew I had a hobby that I could rely on, I figured I should begin documenting my so-called works of art. Of course I have now begun this blog, but I thought I should take pictures of all of the projects along the way! So, to begin, I created my first decorated cake in honor of the opening Cowboy's came in the fall of 2010. We were scheduled to attend a party at our dear friends house. So, I thought this would be my first shot at getting the word out about my cake making/decorating. So I did what any normal baker would do, I created a cake decorated with a Cowboy's look. It was a chocolate cake with a layer in the middle of vanilla cake. In between each layer of cake, I spread a nice layer of either chocolate or vanilla pudding. Once layered, I spread my buttercream frosting all along the sides and top. Once that set up, I began the decorations. Here's how it turned out....keep in mind this was indeed my first cake creation:

Monday, September 20, 2010


Thank you for stopping by! You might be asking what All About Sugar is all about anyways. I'm a working mother who is pursuing her passion for baking cakes and cupcakes. I'm currently taking a basic cake decorating class hoping to learn a bunch to take my hobby to the next level. I'm fascinated with cake decorating! I have multiple shows scheduled to record on my DVR beginning with Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, Fabulous Wedding Cakes and the list goes on from there! I really do have a problem! I can't wait to see where this takes me! Enjoy!!